Who Are You?

Damian Geminder, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

The son of an Anglican priest, Damian has been immersed in religion all of his life. Instead of rebelling like many other "PKs", he chose to embrace his faith, teaching Sunday school for three years before joining the choir. His favourite Christian author is C.S. Lewis but only because reading G.K. Chesterton makes him feel incredibly stupid. A journalist by trade, Damian is a New York native. When he is not spending time with his friends or writing about himself in the third person, he is drunk.

Damian is also on the Facebook and the Twitter, because he's conformist like that.

Anna Skarzynska, Wine Enthusiast & Dragonlord

Anna is a girl with a dream. A very simple dream involving wine and the library from Beauty and the Beast, but a dream nonetheless. Originally from Poland, she now lives in Queens with the love of her life, Tippy the "Vicious" Pit Bull. A revert to the Church following a period of agnosticism, veganism, and the occasional Marine, she is now a proud Catholic with a home bar and an amazing burger recipe. When she's not hidden from the world in her pillow fort (No Boys Allowed), Anna can be found under her dining room table, sobbing into her wine about whatever book or TV show ruined her fragile emotional state.

The tech-savvy dame can be found giggling madly on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Michael Thérèse, Minister of Anime & Mystic

Michael is a New Jersey native and graduate of Saint John's University in Jamaica, New York. He holds a B.A. in Theology and teaches CCD, preparing young souls for the Sacrament of Confirmation. A convert from the Baptist faith, he also works in the New Evangelization as an active member of the Legion of Mary. In his free time, Michael enjoys video games, manga, and Japanese language and culture.

In addition to his work here, check out his Facebook, blog, and Tumblr. You can also browse his Catholic wares over at Etsy.

Tatiana "Tani" Federoff, Ambassador of Baked Goods

Tani is a totally normal teenaged girl who has been Catholic her whole life. She is the third of twelve children (eleven on Earth, and one waiting to meet her in Heaven). She enjoys baking, singing, writing, drawing, and making horribly corny puns. Her favorite kind of pie is lemon meringue, and her favorite kind of movie is the superhero action flick. She dreams of being a Catholic apologist and writer one day, if she can ever figure out the difference between "affect" and "effect."

You can stalk Tani on her blog, her Facebook, and even on Pinterest (isn't she hip?)!

The Brothers Schumann, Honorary Fellows of Leisure as Culture

Hailing from the northern exurbs of New York City, (yes, that's a thing; look it up) Paul (Pictured at right, looking cynical) and Tom (Pictured at left, looking stoical) are dedicated college students and slavish devotées of the Traditional Latin Mass.

An accounting major, Paul finds inspiration in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Evelyn Waugh, and G.K. Chesterton. For amusement, he's been known to play PC games, go shooting, cook, and play tennis. Oh, and drink beer. While he hasn't brewed his own yet, he'll get around to it... eventually.

Meanwhile, Tom's aspirations are as grand as the halls of his ancestors. He is following a three-step plan to move towards single-handedly fixing Wall Street: graduating with a degree in finance, bathing regularly, and berating Paul for his lack of talent as an acolyte. Seriously, if he would just apply himself, he'd be levitating by now.

Because they'll apparently let just anybody use social media, you can follow Paul and Tom on Twitter.