Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CAPTION THIS: When Pope Met Putin

The Russian President had been the undisputed arm-wrestling champion five years running, but this was his mightiest foe to date. (Full story here. Picture c/o: Vatican Radio English)
Welcome to the first-of-probably-many Unpleasant Accents Caption Contest! There isn't a prize or anything because, really, you're all winners (and we're all broke college grads), but if you think you can make a funny that's better than ours, leave your caption in the comments below!


  1. Putin: "So we meet at last the two of us...one an incredibly powerful and beloved icon serving the will of God, across the world...and then you, the Leader of the Roman Catholic Church!"

  2. Pope: Do you expect me to talk Comrade Putin?

    Putin: No Mr. Pope.........I expect you to DINE!!!!!!

  3. Pope: "I am glad we can engage in fraternal dialogue in mutual charity and respect. I am so happy we can share our experiences."

    Putin: "(looks around with bewildered look)Is this guy serious? (grumpily looks upon the Pope)Convert or perish in the eternal fires of Hell!"

  4. Putin [in a whisper]: "So we are agreed? We give you the Theotokos of Vladimir and 10 million Rubles. And you give us the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch."

  5. Putin: "Holiness, you will not defeat me in this staring contest, literally or figuratively."

    Pope: "It's funny; Henry IV said that too. I hear Canossa is lovely this time of year."