Friday, March 28, 2014

CAPTION THIS: When Pope Met Prez

Obama: "Your Holiness, uh, I think that when all's said and done, uhhh, you'll see things my way. It's the right thing to do."
Francis: "I intend no disrespect, Mr. President, but to qualify for Sainthood, you have to be Catholic — and dead!"
(Full story here. Picture c/o: Vatican Radio English)
Thanks to everyone who contributed to our last caption contest! This one was really difficult to judge (stop being so talented, dammit — just stop it), but in the end, we had to pick a winner...

Congratulations to Matthew Pecorino, representin' our loyal Trads:
Pope Francis: "Now sing after me, 'And He will raise you up on Eagles' Wings...'" 
Little Pope: "NOOOOO! Introibo ad altare Dei!" 
Pope Francis: "Oh, you young people and your fashions."
Honourable mention to Tommy (a.k.a. Tsunami), for this brilliant bit of Papist nomenclature nerdery:
"It's okay, little one, it's okay - sure, only one of us can be me, but I can make you a Cardinal in pectore, no problem."
Excellent submissions, all! This contest should be a good one — I mean, if you can't think of any material for both the Pope and the President, just get out now — so please, leave your captions in the comments below!


  1. Pope Francis (thinking): Urge to kill getting stronger.

  2. One more:

    Obama: "All these things I will give you if you bow down and worship me."

  3. Obama: So what do you say? Change all Scriptural and dogmatic references to "Messiah" and "Redeemer" to "Obama"?

    Pope Francis: *chuckles* Good one.

  4. O: I'm not saying it was an immaculate conception, but it was pretty darn close!
    F: (stares blankly into space with a dead smile on his face)

  5. "Lent is truly a penitential season, even for the Holy Father."

  6. Obama: "You know many called me the Messiah.."
    Pope: ::silence::....."Oh, sorry, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

  7. 'So you're saying, if they like their form of the Roman Rite, they'll be able to keep their form of the Roman Rite?'

  8. My name is Sue. How do you do.March 28, 2014 at 11:42 PM

    "That miracle about the loaves and fishes is cool and all, but we've now got 6 million signing up on!"

  9. 'By the way, Your Holiness... How many divisions *do* you have? I'm asking for a friend.'

  10. "You guys have what, six Supreme Court justices now? Plus Biden? Plus Pelosi? Doin' great!"