Monday, April 27, 2015

CAPTION THIS: When Benedict Met Beer

"You know, guys, I really could have used that drink before I resigned. But anyway, danke."
(Full story here and here. Picture c/o: English)
The Pope Emeritus' birthday was back on April 16, but we just couldn't resist the opportunity to have some fun with this picture. Thanks to all who participated in our last caption contest. And now to announce...

...we have a tie! Sort of!

Matthew Ogden and Wyatt basically submitted the same caption, and as Saint Genesisus is our patron, we are shameless devotees of bad puns, so here are their respective entries!
"Don't try to Copt a feel. Eh? Eh?!"
Copts in unison: "Get it? GET IT?"
Pope: "yes, your 'copt a feel' joke was...funny..."
Thank you to everyone who participated! You can leave your captions for our current contest in the comments below. Bottoms up!


  1. Alcohol the reason that unites all faiths, creeds, race

    Praise God

  2. It's a nice start, yes? But what about Second Beers?"

  3. Huh. I see what the Lutherans are getting at.