Thursday, December 12, 2013

CAPTION THIS: When Swiss Met Miss

Officer: "(GASPS) Where did you get those fab-ulous boots?!"
Girl: "Oh, these old things? I got them at a steal at my local consignment shop."
Guard: "Il Papa never lets
us wear fabulous boots..."
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the first-of-probably-many Unpleasant Accents Caption Contest! Congratulations to beowulf who, in addition to having an epic literary name, is our first-of-probably-many winner! Here is his high-larious caption:
Putin: "So we meet at last the two of an incredibly powerful and beloved icon serving the will of God, across the world...and then you, the Leader of the Roman Catholic Church!"
So! Do you think you can steal the Funny Crown* from our champion's head? Well, have at it, and leave your captions in the comments below!

*Not an actual crown.


  1. Officer: ...and THIS is how you cross your legs while STANDING!
    Girl: P-Ple...
    Guard: ...and THIS is how you stand akimbo, legs apart, hands on hips!
    Girl: Please...
    Officer: ...and THIS is....
    Girl: Please sir, where is McDonalds?

  2. Girl: *to guard, noting his leggings* Do you know Ronald?
    Officer: Who sends their daughter out of the house dressed as Grimace?
    Guard: Obviously godless heathens. I'll bring her in for processing by the Knights of Columbus.

  3. My name is Sue. How do you do.December 13, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    Not many people know that before Punky Brewster settled down to a boring life with an old curmudgeon in Chicago, she was a well-traveled international spy. Here she is selling US intelligence secrets to two attentive Swiss guards.

  4. "I'm sorry young lady. This is a restricted area for true Catholics only. Go to confession and get back with a head covering."

  5. Girl: Can I get a picture with Santa now?
    Guard: Young lady, this is The Vatican...
    Girl: So do I submit my gift list now, or should I just email?
    Guard: ._.