Monday, May 12, 2014

CAPTION THIS: When Pope Met Prance

"'Become the first Latin American Pope,' they said... 'You can teach the young people the Argentine tango,' they said..." (Picture c/o: AP)
Thank you all for contributing to our last caption contest! We had some brilliant submissions, but there can be only one...

Congratulations to Adam Shaw! It figures the only actual Briton to enter the contest would win it:
"And THIS is what we drank when we sank the Argies in the 80s....oh sorry"
High praise also goes to Tommy (Tsunami):
"Your Holiness, I hope you enjoy the fruit basket - after all, what's mine was yours."
And finally, we have Caroline, for this fine exchange:
"Tea and crumpet?" the Queen asks.

"Nah, bread and wine for me, thanks."
Great job, everyone! If you think you have what it takes to win this week's contest, then leave your captions in the comments below! Break a leg!*

*Please don't. We don't have the resources to withstand a lawsuit.


  1. Pope Francis: "And they wonder why I speak so much about the devil."

  2. Things were looking grim for the prospects of "Vatican's Got Talent."

    1. Alternately

      "Ladies, of course you'll never be ordained, if you can't even do the orans correctly! BEND THE ARMS."

  3. I could be out helping the poor right now and they've got me stuck in here watching this!

  4. Francis: And the winner of this year's annual wet t-shirt competition is...!

  5. The Pope, looking unamused by the horde of fangirls approaching his ego.

  6. "I didn't like the Spice Girls then, and I don't like them now. Bless their hearts..."

  7. Maybe performing Y-M-C-A wasn't the best choice?