Monday, December 1, 2014

CAPTION THIS: When Peter Met Andrew

"It's okay, Frank. I won't let anyone know you drank all of the communion wine. We'll just blame Kirill."
(Full story here. Picture c/o: Catholic News Service)
We're back! It's only been... two months, really? Well, fine. Thank you to everyone who participated in our last caption contest. The winner (finally) is...

Andrew, for this Scripturally astute line:
"Well, that's the last time I try to re-enact the Cleansing of the Temple. I'm pretty sure I pulled something trying to turn the teller counter."
Credit is also due to Tommy (Tsunami) for this joke that any of our Italian readers should get instantly:
"We tried storing up our treasure in heaven, but the Bancomat gives us a better exchange rate."
Thanks again, everyone! If you want to enter our latest contest, leave your captions in the comments below. A blessed Advent to all.


  1. "That's ok; we thought Islam was peaceful too."

  2. "It feels good to admit you're wrong, doesn't it?"
    "Wait, what?"

  3. "It's okay, the spider is gone now."

  4. "Can I get some of that shampoo? It smells nice."